Thursday, May 19, 2011

Running and the Pose Method

Running has been a staple in my fitness routine for about 12 years now and is a skill I am always trying to improve.  I stumbled across a article in the crossfit journal about 2 months ago promoting the Pose Method.  It was developed by a Russian scientist named Nicholas Romanov in the 1970's.  The Pose Method supposedly enhances efficiency and performance in running, jumping and throwing (track and field), as well as in swimming, cycling, gymnastics, speed skating, cross-country skiing and many other athletic events. 
With prior education and research, I was under the assumption optimal running mechanics was a integration of stride length, arm speed, land w/heel, push w/ ball of foot, etc.  Romanov has simplified running to three easy actions; Pose-Fall-Pull.  That is it... I was very intrigued by the idea and found Romanov to be quite convincing.  So since change equals change, I have been attempting to run with the Pose Method and have been finding it difficult to unlearn my old running mechanics.  I feel like I am using less energy with the Pose but still have not yet mastered the technique.  
Attempting the Pose has given me a whole new outlook on running and makes me want to work on it more.  So what happened when I learned something new?  It made me excited and gave me a new outlook on an old fav making me want to run more.  Society today needs this type of stimulus.

Fit tip to get ripped:  Check out the Pose Method and the Cross Fit Journal and learn or unlearn something for a positive change.