Thursday, March 24, 2011

Something for everyone

Exercise is essential for well-being and the experience of accomplishing your desires is priceless.  Exercise gives rejuvenation to your mind and body. It creates feelings of happiness and increases self-esteem.  Several people and clients that I have had the pleasure of knowing despise exercise, this I dont understand.  I am the exact opposite.
What creates your outlook on exercise?  Past experiences, genetics, cognitive development, etc...  In any case it is common sense that working out it is necessary for a better life.  How can you change your outlook on exercise?

 Here are some recommendations:

1.Change what you have been doing-Routine is the enemy in exercise, not only will the workout become boring but the body will adapt and burn less calories if you do the same thing.  Do something different, explore your options there are many.

2.Work with a friend or multiple friends-Having people around you can make exercise less of a chore and more of a social gathering.  In some cases, it may turn into a competition that will help you increase intensity and promote progression.  Group or buddy workouts will provide a support group and this is helpful for continuity and consistency in training.

3.Get a personal training session/go to a fitness class-Get some new ideas from a professional, you might learn a thing or two.

4.Get some essential tools-D-bells, jump-rope, kettle-bell, pull-up bar, stab. ball, med. ball, trx suspension trainer, HR monitor, i-pod, shoes, workout clothes (or clothes that are 1-3 sizes to small :)), resistance bands, foam roller (for aches and pains), yoga mat, pilates ring, etc.  Hey man, a carpenter needs tools!!Enough said.

5.Stop cryin-Is it really that bad??  It will be over soon, maybe if you just pretend you like what you are doing and act like you are having fun you actually will!  This applies to many things in life.

Fit tip to get ripped:  Use the 80/20 rule for nutrition.  For 80% of the week food and drink sources will be clean, healthy, UN-processed, natural, nutrient dense and portioned according to your goals.  20% of the week you are allowed something that isn't clean, healthy, etc (the good tasting bad stuff) portioned according to your goals :)